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Today I will lay out the colors I have in my makeup bag. It might inspire you to explore new colors. Share your colors too in a comment section below 🙂

Oh… Please don’t mind the mess. That’s what you get when you have children… They see everything as toys @.@



I love all the colors I have, but since I’m a SAHM now, I only use natural colors. Except when I have to go to a wedding or some party, then I match those with the dress I will be wearing. In fact, the colors I have are all pretty basic.

In terms of the brand, I prefer Clinique. I have an oily skin, so anything I put on my face will get messy and lumpy. That’s why I’m not a face powder girl. But Clinique kinda has a creamy feeling, it blends well on my skin. I do have to check on my eyelids once in a while but not as much as when I was wearing Revlon.

The Estee Lauder is new. So, I’m not the person to talk about it for now. I will tell you though once I get a chance to try them. Any party? 😀

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