The Gate 

It’s hot outside. Looking out, I see my gate, thinking how grateful I am. For decades, I’ve opened and closed someone else’s gate, a rented house with a rented gate 😂

Now, seeing my own gate, is a wonderful feeling. Like a child having their own candy for the 1st time 😁 It’s only the gate. Imagine how more grateful I am for having my own house.

I have been gloomy these few days, looking at the gate, I feel stupid for missing out how much blessing God gives me. I don’t have a perfect life. Life isn’t about rainbows and unicorns. Life is about looking on something to be grateful for. Stop comparing yourself with others, coz we’re blessed in many different ways. No matter how big our problems are… We have a bigger God 🙏

Stay positive, keep the good attitude, be kind to one another. Look around… Find your blessings 😉

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