Hi boy…

Twelve now

You were a surprise

But I never object

You were the reason I obey

Though I refuse to share 

For you, I said “I do”

I stayed strong through pointy fingers

You grew stronger

I broke so many times

Then you put all together again

I see you and I know love

I hold you and I feel love

For you, I said “I’ll stay”

Dear boy… 

Twelve now

The years of my battles

So many more years to come

Fighting to fix myself

Time has never been my favorite

For you, I said “I forgive” 

I shed tears 

You brought back the smile

To see you 

I have my world 

I’m older yet smaller

I’m torn to pieces

For you, I said “I’m okay”

My boy… 

Twelve now

I pray louder

Everyday is a lesson

Beat myself up 

Look at me and learn

For you, I said “I will”

Enlighten me

Show me 

Speak to me

Run to me

Twelve more

See me 

For you, I’ll say “I tried”

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