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As you all know, I’ve just recently moved to a new house. It’s our own house. We’re not renting anymore. So… I make sure that I have a walking closet as hubby was designing the house 😁 And I do!!! Soooooooo happy!!! 😘😘😘

I’d like to take you to my walking closet. Welcome! Please come in! 😄

This is so new… So I’m sure there will be some changes here and there. But for now, this looks good. Don’t you think? Well, it works for me 😉

Hubby take use of our old closet to build this. We don’t actually spent more money coz we reuse almost everything. Unless for the basket which is very cheap. So please… Don’t mind some flaws 😄

Let me show you…

This is what’s on the top shelf.

On the left side, I put 3 basket for tank tops, shorts and extra hangers.

On the right shelf, I put 2 baskets for my PJs and my jeans hotpants & skirts + 1 small bin for my accessories. I don’t wear accessories everyday. Only for special occasions such as parties. So, that small bin is very sufficient 😁

Behind those…

I keep my extra bags which are too big to hang. And in that container is where I keep my clutches and wallets.

If you have lots of tanks and shorts to wear at home, you definitely needs baskets. I don’t wear anything else other than tanks and shorts at home. I have so much of them and it’ll look cluttered if you just piled them on top of each other. And when you take one, it’ll ruin the others and you need to straighten them again 🙄 I use these baskets and I just throw everything inside, they’re invisible. Very pleasing to my eyes 😁

This is what’s on the bottom…

The left side… I hang my tops. I tried to organize it color wise, like most people I see on YouTube does. But it doesn’t work for me. It makes me ‘think’. You know what I mean? I have to think what color is supposed to be in what section and all 🤔

Then I tried to organize it material wise. Nope, it doesn’t work either 😑

So, I just do what works for me. I organize it from sleeveless to long sleeves. It’s sooooo much more easier for me.

In Indonesia, we don’t wear clothes on seasons. We choose our clothes on the venues. For example… We don’t find it appropriate to wear sleeveless or shorts to our kid’s school. So, we wear something more decent. But it doesn’t apply when I go to a mall or shopping for instance. For weddings, I wear strapless or maxi dress to non-Muslim weddings and I’ll wear something more covered to a Muslim weddings. That’s what I implemented to myself. You might do differently.

And under the tops, I keep my jeans & leggings. Hang my bags and some hangers.

How I hang my bags.

I’m using 2 hangers together to support the weight of my bags. I hang them with hooks. The hooks was used in the kitchen to hung my pans. Now I have a cabinet to keep my pans, so I reuse the hooks 😁

On the left side…

I keep my dresses. I organize length wise. So, again I have to consider where I’m wearing the dress to. Is it too short for the people there? It’s all about presenting yourself and be wise on what you wear if you don’t want to be the topic of the night 😂

That orange giant suitcase is my wardrobe capsule. I’ll talk about it in the next post. I don’t have anywhere else to put it coz it’s very heavy. It’ll stay there for now. I’ll find somewhere else, coz I don’t like it there 😑

Next to it is my documents container and underneath that are drawers for me and hubby.

It’ll definitely changed at some points. But, it works for now. I’m happy 😄

Thank you so much for joining me. Don’t forget to follow if you haven’t 😎

Love y’all 😘😘😘

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