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Haul time!!!

Last week I didn’t share my haul, sorry 😦 A lot happened last week. I was in a very hectic days. I did the shopping last week, but since I was in a very tight schedule, I didn’t have time to take photos and all. So, I skipped. But nothing much you missed from last week haul since I was also in a tight budget, so I did a lot of leftovers. Nothing much in my shopping cart last week 🙂

This week though, I decided to give a little treat to my boys. Give them once in a while joy by giving them some tiny version of my fancy meals 😀

Here’s my meals plan for the week.


I still have 1kg of chicken and 1kg of fish in the freezer. The chicken is for Semur Ayam and the fish is split for 2 days meals, Ikan Bakar & Ikan Goreng. I still have nuts for Tempe Teri Kacang, carrots, potatoes, macaroni, cabbage, meatballs (bakso). So I created this meal plan from those I have.

FYI, Hokben on Saturday is not an eat out plan. Hokben means that 1 of their kids menu that my boys like, instead of eating out and spend more than 200k for 5 of us to eat there. I mix olive oil + garlic + onion + minced beef + oyster sauce + a bit water, cook them for 10 minutes, set aside. Then I mix 4 eggs + milk (UHT) + butter and scrambled them. I put rice in a bowl, put the minced beef on 1 side of the rice and put the scrambled egg on the other side of the rice. Give them chopstick. Tadaaaaaa… fancy meals!


These I bought from Asep (tukang sayur dekat sekolah anak2). 2 ikat kangkung for Tumis Kangkung. Bawang bombay for Hokben. Teri for Tempe Teri Kacang. Orange for homemade orange juice (1kg of orange for 2 litters of juice then I fridge them). Kimbo sausage, (1st time trying them, I usually get Bernardi or Kansler) for homemade Hotdog and  homemade Pizza (another fancy meals :D). Bananas for smoothies.

Note: I bought Kimbo sausage for 34k but it was 44k at Superindo. What a save right?

These I bought from Superindo.



Coffee. Very important for me :D. Mama gotta need some caffeine boys! Hahahaha 😀 I have 2-3 cups of coffee a day, depends on how rough my days are (wink). I got no save for this one, normal price, but I gotta have it.


Jellies for the boys. Normally I make jelly on Sunday and will last about 1-3 days. No save.


Hot dog buns. There was no Sari Roti, so I got these. Its a bit dryer than Sari Roti, so I just have to put more butter to moisten them. No save. Hey… I just realized that Maxim’s is manufactured in Cibinong @.@ Cibinong is where I live 😀


Bread. Al is a sandwich boy. He loooooove sandwich. He’ll just grab bread and make strawberry sandwich himself. I gotta have this and strawberry jam, otherwise he’ll nag and nag and nag @.@ No save for this too.


Vinegar. Not for cooking. Its for my homemade cleaning supply. And I put a small cup of vinegar to my towels laundry to avoid those nasty smell on the used towel (you know… After a few days use of our towels, they got smelly). Its a good laundry hack. Try it! No save.


Minced beef for Hokben and Bistik Daging. Chicken fillet for Chicken Steak. I save 5k for the minced beef. I separate the minced beef to 2 portion, so I don’t have to thaw them all since I’m making 2 different meals. I do that also to the chicken fillet. You know they got stick together when frozen. Its difficult to keep them in a good shape like that. Separate them and save the hassle.


Corned beef. I like to stock them in my pantry. I use them to make Perkedel or Beef Macaroni or noodles or as a dog food 😀 I save 12k for both of them.


This is for my teenage boy. Yes, he’s getting an oily face 😀 I was looking for something light since he’s not used to put anything on his face, just water. If you know any products that is specially made for teenagers, please let me know 🙂


I save 2k for these (?). I thought I was saving more @.@


I save 26k for these + 4 small packets of So Klin Lantai for free! Yes! I love discounts and free products 😀

I still have to buy 2kg of eggs. Then I’m done with my weekly haul. I save total of 45k include the shopping bag voucher (I brought my own shopping bags so I got disc) + the 10k save on Kimbo Sausage.

Product links:

Sari Roti – http://www.sariroti.com/

Clean & Clear – https://www.cleanandclear.co.id/produk

So Klin Liquid – http://soklindetergent.com/

Pronas Corned Beef – http://www.pronas.co.id/

Nescafe – http://www.nescafe.co.id/

S.O.S Pembersih Lantai – http://www.sos-antibacterial.com/

Dixi Vinegar – http://www.sidola.com/consumergoods/index.php?cat=06_Cuka-nbsp~Makan-nbsp~Dixi

Nutrijell – http://www.nutrijell.com/

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