Weekly Haul 21 Nov ’16


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It’s been weeks since I’ve post a blog, coz I’ve been busy with family events and school tests. I just came back from Superindo, my favorite grocery store near my house. So while I’m having my smoothie, I’ll share my haul with you.

I need wipes. For this I save 2.190. I usually choose the blue one since my boys are ‘allergic’ to anything in girly colors hahahaha, but since the blue doesn’t give me any discount… Enjoy the color boys 😝

This is the cheapest I’ve ever find for imported lemon. It’s been a while since I’ve had a lemon infused water, they’re always quite pricey. I save 14.400 for 5 lemons.

Sunny Gold is on sale all variant!!! I bought chicken nugget and chicken stick, and I save total of 39.900 for these two. Wow!

These packets are for my boy’s lunches. I’m out of stock and have to pay full price 😔

They are for my smoothie. I save 8.800 for these. I don’t go for certain brands since I won’t get the real taste of it, so I take what’s on sale.

I save 30.205 for these. The beef is to make Sup Ubi, hubby’s request. It’s a clear beef soup with nuts, casava, and vermicelli. Makassar meal. I get the casava from our neighbors in our new house.

My lip balm. Mom gotta take care of herself right? Hehehehe. I save 10.500. Being pretty doesn’t have to be expensive 😆

I still have floor cleaners on stock, but they’re on sale so I take 2. I save 9k.

Eggs are very cheap now. I bought 18k/kg from a supplier but then I found that they’re 17.800 at Superindo.

I don’t use this. I was trying to find something for my son so he’ll get a better care on his skin. I have a doubt, since he’s still (almost) 11yo. But he’s a sporty boy, playing soccer and all, so I want to protect his skin. My hubby don’t find it necessary, but I do. So… We’ll see 😁 I save 4.860 for this.

Vinegar for my laundry. I find it very useful and my laundry is fresher and cleaner. I’m trying to find gallon vinegar, but I can’t find it near here. I pay normal price for these.

I bought these from ‘tukang keliling’ in my new house. I bought 50k for 3. I left 1 for hubby at my new house.

I still have meats in the freezer for this week.

I still have stocks for my smoothie.

I had my vegetables haul and nothing much. They’re all washed, cut, and stored in containers for longer freshness.

Oh.. I don’t have a meal plan for a while, since my mom is supervising the kitchen. Gotta obey your mom right? Hohohoho ✌

I save total of 119.855 + 300 for bringing my own shopping bag. Not bad. Not bad at all 😘

That’s all for now. Gotta get ready to pick my boy up from his tutorial class.


Love ya!

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