What I Learned In 2017 – Life Is A Lesson

I was lying on my bed trying to sleep at 2am and not succeeded. My brain was going merry go round on me. I was thinking on how my life changed so much in just a year. So many things happened and give me the shock of my life, even some of them are not the first. But really, life is a lesson.

So, why not share those lessons with you, so I can get to clarify my thoughts and you can get some lessons from mine. Let’s get started.

The lessons I learned are:

1.Nothing is permanent

Things shift in a blink of an eye. One moment you were traveling without thinking of how much you spend, another moment you count every cents you have to serve food on the table just for a day. But if things can go down, things can go up too. So, if you’re having a hard time, be brave and face the days LIKE A BOSS. Do whatever you can do to survive and say “This too shall pass”.

2.Waste no time weeping

What can you get from weeping the whole time you’re in the mud? I let myself drowned in disappointment and anger and sadness and spent my time counting on my lack. That I actually did nothing to better my circumstances and that was such a waste of time. You stepped on the mud? Shake it off and keep walking.

3.Appreciate people

You don’t know what they’ve been through or going through, so have more empathy. Maybe you’re living in abundance right now that you look down on people, can’t see why that person can’t do this or that and you start making comments (or even judge). Please remember, bad situation can happen to anybody, even you. So if you want to sow your seeds, start seeding good so you get to sow good.

4.Money is manageable

We have to take control of our finance. Stop ignoring money. I (we) was ignorance about our finance and just go with what was. I didn’t know how much we have and how much we spend. Money comes money goes. It was unhealthy and really put us in jeopardy.

5.Credit card is Satan

It will lure you to spend what you don’t earn and making you delusional. It gives you things that you don’t deserve (yet). Yes, you enjoy buying things and pay as you like, but you become its slave. I’m putting a stop to it and only pay cash. If I don’t have the money, that means no buy.

6.Jump on opportunity

I have no experience in what I am doing right now, but I have to be bold and showed up. When opportunity came, I jumped on it, learn as I go, and here I am making money out of inexperience. I met new people, learned new skills, and making ideas into results. Never say that you can’t. YOU CAN! As long as you have the attitude, you can do whatever you want to do. Be whatever you want to be. Stop making excuses, JUST DO IT!

7.There’s always good in everything

I can tell you, I am not in a good position to say that I’m okay (still). But I can tell you, that in my ‘not okay’ situation, I find miracle. Miracle do happens. You just need to open yourself and willing to twist your angle of seeing things, you will find yourself amazed on what goodness that has happened in your life.


I couldn’t tell you how much saving money is IMPORTANT. I am the right person who can tell you that saving your money could save your life. 13 years of marriage and we always fall into the same hell, money problem. I am 100% sure that if we would’ve saved our money, we wouldn’t be busy hating each other. I am not making the same mistake again. I need to be smarter and wiser towards money.

9.You are your best friend

I come to my realization that I am is my best friend. I’m not saying that I don’t need friends nor they mean nothing to me. But I learned that I am the one who can make things happen. If I want something, I need to do something about it. I am the one who can make the choices coz my friends are not me. They don’t live my life as I don’t live theirs. I know what I’m capable of, I understand my feelings, I know what I’m going through. My life is depends on me.

10.Stay away from negative people

For me, negative people are the people who doesn’t make me feel good. They don’t lift up my spirit. They don’t give me motivation. They don’t inspire me. I need to be strong (especially now) and I need all the encouragement I could have. If you make me feel bad about myself and or making me think that I’m such a loser, you’re out.

11.Don’t wait

Don’t wait for things to get better then you start on going to church, for example. Don’t wait on the ‘right’ job offers to start earning when you are actually need an earning (survival mode). You should actually do something to be something. Nothing could ever happen to you if you just sit around and wait for things happen to you (unless a sore bottom for sitting too long). Get up and start doing!

12.You are what you think

Your mind determine who you are. Your thinking create your attitude. Think negative then your attitude is negative. Be sure that you only think of good great bold things so you can be good great and bold. It is all in the mind.

13.Grow up

You don’t get any younger. You don’t get to stop the time. You have no choice but to grow old. But getting older is not enough. You need to grow up. Grown up people don’t do the same mistakes. Grown up people don’t act like a child. Grown up people knows what’s good and bad, what’s right and wrong. It is not easy to grow up. Unless you can stay a kid forever, you need to knock some sense and start to grow up.

14.More effort

It’s no secret that the more effort you do, the bigger outcome you get. I was slacking on my blogging so I lost my readers. I do less posts on Instagram, I lost my followers. There’s no such thing as good luck. There’s only hard work with great results, or no work with no result. Put more effort on the things that you want to succeed on. You will see that your hard work will paid off.

15.Set your goals

I was taking it lightly. Taking my life to go as it flows. But I lack passion in anything I tried to do. Setting your goals and make a deadline on them, will actually set your mind in achieving each and every one of them. Deadline make you push yourself. Make a vision board if you’re a visual person like me. You seeing those goals everyday will get yourself prepared and ready to tackle everything. Nothing will come between you and your goals.

16.Stay positive

Surround yourself with positive people. I actually feel a lot better after church. I’m not even that religious, but I do feel positive after church. I feel humble and grateful for what I have. If I skip church, I will become a grouchy old lady, complaining about almost everything. So, find your vibes, stay with your positive tribes, do what makes you feel positive. Join a community that can actually build your positive life.

17. Love myself more

I was too focus on pleasing everybody that I forgot about myself. I was trying to fulfill everybody’s needs that I ignore my needs. I became unhappy. This is definitely still a struggle that I need to work on. I need to fulfill my needs first in order to fulfill others. I need to love myself first before I love others. I need to treat myself better. I need to stop expecting others to completes me. I am what I need.

Those are my 17 lessons that I learned in 2017. Do you relate to any of mine? I need to accept and learn from the past so I can do better next year. You should too. It will make you feel more prepared and more clear on what you’re trying to aim in 2018.

Thank you for stopping by. Leave a like and comment below on what lessons you have learned in 2017. We could always learn from each other.

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I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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