When Life Gets Harder

Life is a battle, a way to survive, a road that will never be smooth all the way, its a struggle.

Life is also a learning process. Everyday, every second, every pain, every laugh, every heartache, every joy, we learn from each of it.

It is easy to live a life when you have everything you need. When being grateful is like the air we breath. You see big problems becomes tiny and the tiny problems becomes a laugh.

But what happen when life gets hard? Everything becomes a HUGE problems. Those tiny lil things you were laughing at, seems to be the end of the world. Your heart turns fragile all of a sudden. Your brain stuck in the problems and everything seems to be a problem.

What if it gets harder? Doubled up everything above. Boom!!!

What do you need then? A partner in life.

Someone that’ll not drown you deeper into sadness. Someone that’ll stand by you and support you when you’re trying to be tough. Someone that’ll not cuts you more than you already have. Someone that’ll be your heart-guard. Someone that understands you coz that someone loves you with all their heart. Someone that is too good to be true. Someone that is only exist in a romance fictions.

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