WITL #10

Sunday, 4 March 2017

My breakfast

Banana fritters, tomato avocado salad and coffee. YUM! 

2.40pm the kids are having nap. I’ve done 2 loads of laundry, fold and ironed. Now I’m running the washing machine to hygiene the tub. I haven’t done this before but the manuals suggest that I should do it once a month. It says that I should run the Tub Hygiene and pour about 200ml of chlorine. 

It’s now running for quite a while. I don’t know how long it’ll takes. We’ll see. It’s taking a lot of water… About 94L it showed earlier. I’ll see if I should do it quarterly rather than monthly, if it’s consuming a lot of water and electricity, I sure don’t wanna waste.

Monday, 6 March 2017

I didn’t blog yesterday coz I was busy eating and chatting 😝. It was 1 of my many aunt’s birthday. Went home about 8 o’clock coz I was stuck in the rain. Then send the kids to bed, shower, make coffee and started my computer works. I have lots to do. Then I continue working on a video for Abe’s 12th birthday on July. I have to prepare it now coz it’s a new thing for me, making video, collaging pictures into a video, looking for the right songs, writings, etc. Yet, another 1st in my not young age anymore 😁

2.09pm the kids are having nap. It’s their 1st day of midterm. I need to speed clean the house before they’re awake so I can review their material for test tomorrow and hopefully can make something up for dinner. While I’m struggling with my VA works. Phew! What a life 😰

Finished 2 loads of laundry, hang and fold, dust. Now I have to move fast to sweep and mop the floor. Fingers crossed 😁

And I have this annoying allergies on my neck. It’s very itchy and getting worst each day. I don’t know what’s wrong 😭

Its worst than the picture 😭

4.50pm the kids are awake. I finished sweeping and mopping. Mom is home taking care of dinner. I light up all the anti mosquito. Gosh… Mosquitoes are savage 😫 I’m giving myself a 15 minutes break to lay down in bed and playing with my phone. Either Instagram, blogging or watching YouTube. Me time 👏

9.47pm kids are in bed. I’m having frustrating moments with the website building. Desperate for free pictures 😭 And due to lack of sleep last night, I only had 3 hours of sleep, I’m now sleepy 😴

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

8.07am trying to fix my routines, keep tracking of finance, need to get my head into my online shop again, still figuring out the website thingy.

1.30pm laundry is running, 2nd is await, rice is cooking, dishes done for now. I need to move to tackle things around the house coz I’ve been feeling so sleepy. Had coffee so I hope it helps me stay awake. The kids had their lunch…

Potato frittata and carrot soup with meatballs. Abe of course skip the soup 🙄 Till now I’m struggling making him eat vegetables and fruits, that’s why I’m determined to make smoothies. For me and for Abe. He has no problem emptying a glass of smoothies whatever I put in it. So I’m gonna feed him vegetables and fruits in a glass 😁

7.30pm Al is still studying for exam tomorrow and he gets in my nerves. So difficult asking him to study 😤

But I managed to wash all my 4 fans after being a week delayed on schedule 😁👏

It’s raining and freezing tonight. Abe even have all covered 😁

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

1.52am just finished my work. All I wanted is just lay flat asleep. But once I take off the boss hat, reality slapped right on my face… Mom life is never boring 😰

My bed is occupied by the kid’s school papers 🙄

Seeing that empty wall makes me craving for some decorating projects. But now is definitely not the right time. We’re having a very rough life. But we’re hanging in there. Just keep the faith and keep praying. This too shall pass 😇

I better get some sleep even for 2-3 hours 😴

1.26pm the kids are home. Having lunch. I’m going to take Abe to tutoring. A load of laundry is running. And had good news that the pictures I’m going to use for my client’s website are a go…. Yeay!!! 👏👏👏 1 problem solved. So happy 😄 I spent hours and hours working on it. Now I can relax a bit and let the web developer works his charm. Hopefully it turns out good 😇

5.17pm I’m done with dishes, laundry, fold, iron, sweep, dust, rice is cooked ready for dinner. Now I’m going to pick up Abe from tutor. I’m hoping I can have shower early in the evening, prep Al for test tomorrow, then I’m gonna take some time to refocus myself into my business. It’s heading all the way into chaos 😰 I need to put my head back into it 😇

9.13pm had my shower, help the kids prep for exam, dinner, send the kids to bed. I’m supposed to take some time to take care of my business but then my mood swings to the dark side 😪 Now I’m tempted to lay on my bed and play on some movies 😦 It’s raining and stormy, maybe I’ll just sleep my mood away 😴

Thursday, 9 March 2017

5.35pm I finished all my chores. Same drill except for today’s schedule. Thursday is the kid’s comforters laundry day and my mopping day.

2 comforters in 1 load needs 54L of water and 51 minutes. Such a lot of water and electricity right? 😕 I still think that front load washing machine is much better than the top load one. It’s less water, less electricity, works for washing sandals and shoes. I’m gonna fix my Modena. Sure thing! 🤔

And my lil boy is so so so making me wants to scream at him. We reached home about 11.30 am and he’s playing Lego up till now 😤

He created some today. I’m gonna post it on my blog Lego Gallery.

I went to the kitchen and found mom frying nuggets for the boys. OMG 😤 I’m against preservatives foods (even I serve those kind sometimes, very seldom, only for urgent times and guests times) and now nuggets seems the everyday meals in the house 😭 Talking to my mom is like talking to a glass, very fragile, any small things could break her and all of a sudden the house is in a war 😨

Inhale… Exhale… Inhale… Exhale…

I better get my shower to rinse off this ‘heat’ on my head 😧

9.37pm had my shower and pampered myself 😄

I’ll have a separate post for this 😆

Had my dinner together with hubby. I intended to take a picture but before I do, hubby’s already messing up with the food… So no pictures 😬

I almost done with my night routine. I washed the dishes, wipe the dining table, wipe the kitchen nook, wipe the water filter, wipe the fridge, and before I finish… Mom was entering the kitchen and apparently is going to cook. So, I left the kitchen and let her do her things first, then I’ll finish what was left. Hopefully I don’t fall asleep 🤔

Saturday, 11 March 2017

12.09am Apparently I didn’t blog at all yesterday 😧 I’m sorry, I was busy with my Instagram 😭 I guess taking pictures and upload it to Instagram is faster and looking at my growing follower is kinda addictive 🤔

Well… Today is the last day of the boy’s exam. I don’t take exams as horrifying as before. Before is when we were in Jakarta and Abe was in 1-3 grade. I was like a maniac, pushing him so hard, very hard into getting good grades. I guess I got carried away. Thinking that Abe couldn’t survive the high standard in the school. And I wanted him to not be just an average boy in the middle of higher rank kids. He’ll be invisible.

But now, since I’ve been through a lot, we’ve been through a lot and moved to here. I’ve changed my perspective of raising kids. Especially about school and grades. I am now more of an easy going mom. I’m trying to understand more about each of my boys. Getting to know them deeper than just grades on papers. Acknowledge their nature and talents. And I want them to know God. Not specifically teaching them about religion… But God.

I give them more freedom to do what they’re comfortable with. Not releasing all the rope coz I definitely want them to know that I’m still their guardian standing by giving them guidance. And because I’m not sure that I have the extra energy to do everything now. I have to look after the house, the kids and also our financial. I’m not a super woman trying to save the day. Over and over again. I have my limits.

So yeah… That’s what’s happening. The boys spend most of the days playing games and watching TV. Abe got about 2 hours playing at his friend’s house. I spent the day as usual, same drill. You might want to check on my Instagram. I kinda blog there yesterday. Like a whole day I was on Instagram 😨. Make sure you follow my Instagram @dessysdays 😘

10.56am the boys are changing bed sheets. Our Saturday routines. I helped them put on the bed sheets of our reading room bed and Oma’s bed and they’re in charge of fixing of the pillows and bolsters. I finished ironing, I finished 1 load of laundry, still have 2 more loads. This is exactly why I hate procrastinating, coz everything gets to piles up in 1 day 😧

I wasn’t sure about washing curtains coz it means more work. But I already put my work on schedule. I want to follow the schedule and get me on track. I want to stick to my routines so it’s being my habit. Our habit. So I go on with it.

As you can see. I need a ladder to reach up the curtains. I’m now doing Oma’s and the boy’s room curtains. While I’m using the ladder, I might as well dust the vents and wipe out the walls up there and also wipe clean the curtain rods. Bed sheets are all done except for my bed. I can’t always tell the same reason… If you’ve been following me, you know why my bed nor my room is always the last to get cleaned up 😓

5.40pm hubby is in another project 😅

Kitchen ambushed 🤔

We have company! My cousin, his wife and his boy come to visit us and staying over. I love it when they visit 💞 And my boys are more than thrilled 😁 Gotta go… See you next week! Thanks for joining me and please hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t 😊

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