WITL #12

Sunday, 19 March 2017

6.02pm Abe’s friend went back home. Boys night is over, the boys are studying, back to reality 😁 

I changed bed sheets, coz yesterday I didn’t do it. Sweep​ the floor. I did 2 loads of laundry. Sunday is towels and shower curtains laundry schedule.

That’s a load. The 2nd load was the clothes. 

12.10am I wanted to do my VA works but the signals suck 😀 So instead, I make my 1st ever planner spread 😁

No fancy planner. It’s just a big notebook I already have at home. I didn’t even print the stickers on the sticker paper, I print them using A4 paper, manually cut, I mapped out my ‘stickers’ then I glued them 😁 

I print all my stickers from Jessica Brown in her blog myplannerenvy. You should visit her blog. She’s very talented and planner addict. She’s my inspiration to start planning. Do you like my spread? πŸ˜… 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

12.21am I just switched off my computer. VA works done for now. I’m exhausted. Today I’ve been very productive though πŸ‘ 

I went grocery shopping. Done my meal prep. Please visit my post on today’s grocery haul and meal prep. 

Done my laundry, clothes folded, dusted, sweep, mopped. Gosh… I’m so tired. And also so annoyed by my phone. I can’t even install Photo Grid now coz my memory is full 😀 I need iPhone 7+ 😒 

I’m gonna get some sleep now. So tired 😰 

7.34pm I haven’t done pretty much any of the chores πŸ˜‘ I went to Advan Service Center to fix Abe’s tablet, for the 6th times in 1 year next month 😰. After it get fixed I must sell the tablet, for how much? I wouldn’t dare guessing πŸ™„ 

Then I went to Indogrosir. I will post my grocery haul. Gosh, I haven’t even post yesterday’s grocery haul and meal prep 😫 I need my Photogrid 😭 

I spent about 1.30 hours in there 😱 I bought a lot of snacks. The boys likes snacking. I need to stock up on snack. 

I came back home, sit down for a while then off again to pickup the boys from school. Home for 20 minutes and off again to send Abe to tutor. Home again, start my laundry and setting the groceries for pictures, hang the laundry in the hanging racks and suddenly it’s time to pickup Abe from tutoring. How time flies 😭 

Now I had my shower, laying down on my bed while the boys are eating dinner and watching Pirates of the Carribean. Yeah… We’re not civilized people, we eat and watch TV 😁 

And I have this… 

I fell off from a chair when helping hubby doing some electrical issues 😭 I’m sure it’ll look worst tomorrow πŸ˜“ 

I’m tired. My leg hurts. My eyes burned. I have an upset stomach. But I need to catch up with my online shop business, fold my laundry, cleaning the kitchen, pickup the house, so many things to do when I listed out like that 😭 

We’ll see… 

11.20pm my house is still not picked up. The clothes are still on the reading bed, unfolded. But I made it clear that I need to clean up the kitchen. OMG! My kitchen was a disaster 😱 While I was washing the dishes, turns out that my uncle and aunt from Malaysia is coming over tonight, glad that I made my effort to at least have a clean and shiny kitchen 😁 

And I’m in pain right now. Like real pain. The result of me fell down this afternoon is not only the bruise on my knee but apparently it affect my stomach and everything inside. I’m feeling like my inner stomach is crashing me. I can’t even walk properly and now I can’t even lay down comfortably. It’s painful 😰 

My eyes are heavy. My brain is heady. But my body is in so much pain… I’m gonna need some pain killer 😭 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

So happen that I feel better in the morning so I can send Abe to school as usual. And same chores. 

My uncle comes to visit from Malaysia. And we’re having other families visiting us to meet my uncle. It’s been quite some time for my uncle to see other families. 

We’re having family gathering on Sunday. So I expect to have about 50 people in my house. So happy. So merry πŸ˜€ I love family gatherings πŸ€— 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

8.47am I’m about to take my uncle visiting some families. I’ll be busy chauffeuring today πŸ˜„ 

Oh… I fixed my car. It’s the dynamo. Now, I’m going to fix my AC. I hope I just need to add the freon and nothing worst or I’m gonna have to pay more πŸ˜“ 

1.46pm I fixed the car AC. It’s the something I can’t remember 😁. And gladly it’s cheap πŸ˜‡ 

10.33pm dust, sweep, mop, laundry, no shower. Just came back from send-pickup my aunt and uncle from visiting families. It’s a cold cold weather, I’m so tired and desperately need a good deep sleep 😴 

Friday, 24 March 2017

10.19am I’m at a clinic taking my uncle to see a doctor. He doesn’t feel well. I did my laundry, did a bit of VA works, still need some folding to do and online shop works. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

5.57pm been busy all day. Sent Abe to tutor. Took my uncle to wet market, grocery shopping for tomorrow’s family gathering. 

Had 2 pills of paracetamol for my breakfast. My headache been killing me. Had a quick nap. Did laundry, sweeping, folding, ironing. Now, I’m gonna scrub my bathroom and shower. Tonight I’ll be busy cooking for tomorrow. 

Oh… Let me show you my grown up boy 😊

He asked me to take a picture of him for his BBM profile 😁 Of course to impress his girl friends in BBM contacts, so mom is trying her best to be a photographer, I even took dozens of pictures from every angle possible before he ended up picking this picture as his profile πŸ˜‚ 

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