Word Of The Year 2018 – Renew

Welcome to 2018!!!

People are busy setting their resolutions, goals, planners, and word of the year. Including me 😀

How about you?

I have never been so excited about new year. I found myself living life as it was. Whatever will be will be. Never have I ever set any goals or resolutions nor doing planners. But as I am getting older (39 this year) and I’ve been watching motivational YouTuber, listening to audiobook, reading motivational blogs, I’ve found myself left way behind.

It is not about doing what everybody else is doing. It’s about getting better. There’s no such thing as living a perfect life. We’ll be doing mistakes, having downfalls, disappointments, sadness, etc. And there’s no need to feel like a copycat or being too proud to learn from others. In my opinion, as long as it brings the best out of you, why not?

So, for wanting to rise up and being the best version of me, I’m setting a word for myself. RENEW.

Renew means (source : Google Translate)

What to renew for me?

  • Spiritually

I need to renew my relationship with God. I need to go to church every Sunday, to my local church community, read Bible, do devotional, volunteer, and I need to talk more with my Father. I lost contact with Him for quite a while and I found myself ‘left in the gutter’.

This year will be the starting point of the renewal of my spiritual journey.

  • Financially

2017 was our downfall. Yes, we built our first house. Much bigger than what we could’ve think of. Yes, we had a great life in 2017. We found ourselves loaded with money. We spent lavishly. Wasn’t aware that anything was possible to drag us back to zero. And we were (I can say) forgetting God.

And here we are, in the zero zone. We have debts. And counting solely in my freelance income. I am determined to make 2018 a better year for our finance. And hopefully, become debt free (praying so hard on this). I’m gonna focus on budgeting and saving.

  • Selfcare

I need to get back on my workout routine. I am skinny, pale, lack of energy, lack of motivation to take care of myself. I’m too busy with dragging us up from drowning, and I forget about me. I skip meals. I have less sleep and (automatically) less rest. My hair is thinner from falling out its roots, too weak to hold on my scalp (gosh). My skin is in its worse stage.

Yes, I still have to get ourselves out from ‘the gutter’, but I need to take care of myself too. I’m gonna eat healthier, intake more water, will take care of my physical appearance.

  • Motherhood

Abe (my oldest son) is a teen boy now, 13 this year. I need to be more present for him. It is the time that he needs more guidance in life. He needs a role model. He needs to be taught how to handle adulting. I need to be prepared for his questions, his demands, his curiosity. He’s in the next level of life learning. And I want to be the one that he can go to with his needs. Anything.

Al (my youngest son) is going 10 this year (November). He still have problems with writing at school. He’s a smart boy. He has good grades. It’s just that he’s not interested in writing (unlike me). He’s more of a talker (like me). I accept who he is, in terms of his writing ability. Still, I need to encourage him to write, coz that’s what the school wants from their students.

I also have to be more consistent with Al, in terms of discipline and character. He’s a bit lazy. Lack of responsibility. And hardheaded. He knows exactly what he need to do to get/achieve something, yet he wants it to be given not earned. He will complain about not getting something, but the truth is, he didn’t do anything to actually get it. For example, my rule is to do your responsibilities/obligations (homework, chores, lunch, nap, etc) first then only you can claim your reward, which is playing game on the phone or PC or watching TV. He knows that but he will drag and drag and drag, till the time is up (maybe its time to bed) then he’ll complain that he goes to bed without playing any games. Geez.


I can talk on and on about being a mother of my boys. As I post in my Instagram… I made this graphic 😀

Anybody relate to it? 😀

  • Marriage

This is soooooooooo important. We’re on the rock. I feel that I am at the edge of my tolerance. I’m having problem of forgiveness and acceptance. I can’t talk more about it other than I need to work out on this. We (me & my hub) need to work out on this.

  • Tribes

Good tribes attract good vibes. Yup, I need to reconsider and look at my tribes. If it’s not giving me any value or not supporting me to be what I’m trying to achieve in my life, I need to let them go. Not completely disconnect with them, but not exactly gonna be their close friend.

If I don’t consider them my close friends, then they can’t hurt me nor affect me.

2018 will be the step stone of new me but I will take it slow. Step by step. Little by little. Build from there.

So, what’s your word this year?

Leave a comment below, link your blog or your YouTube channel so we can all motivate each other and make ourselves accountable.

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