No Way Out!

Monday was a day that Al (my youngest son) was supposed to have a Difteri shot. We’ve been preparing since Friday. Even still encouraging him on Monday morning and he was so ready.

I was at home working and had a complete trust in him. At 11 something, a friend of mine said that Al was not shot. I tried to contact his teacher and she said that Al (said) was having a flu so they skipped him.

I was so mad. It’s the second time he played as a sick child so that he’ll skip the shot. When he got home, I encountered him. He started crying. I explained to him that it’s not because of him being scared of getting a shot and not because of him not getting a shot coz we can always do it some other time. I was mad because of him lying for not getting a shot.

I told him that it is a must for him to get a shot. For his own good. It is something that he can’t get away with. Even he didn’t get a shot at school, I’ll still be taking him to a clinic to get a shot.

Kids still don’t understand the meaning of obligation and responsibility. They think they can get away from it. They might take a detour but they still have to come back, coz there’s really no way out of any of our life’s obligations and responsibilities. No Way Out!

If it’s an obligation than you MUST do it. Like school, you have to get up every morning with all the morning routines and go to school. Every single day, unless it’s weekend. You can skip school if you’re sick but as you got healthy again, you’re going back to school.

Me, as a mom, I have obligations and responsibilities too. All the house chores, taking the kids to and from school, cooking, helping the kids for exams, school projects, while doing my VA works. I don’t have to wanting to do it, I MUST do it. There’s no way I can get away from it.

Do I always want to do it? No. I want to watch TV, laying in bed, sleeping in, do whatever I want without looking at the clock all the time, and don’t have to worry about the messy house. But I can’t get away from it.

Not everybody knows the difference between responsibility and right. Some people only know how to get their rights. These people think that the world owe them. They would ask for your respect even though they don’t deserve it. They demand for our understanding when they don’t even care about us. They ask and ask without giving.

It takes maturity, wisdom, and humility to be a responsible person. It has nothing to do with age coz we can always find a 40 years old with the mind of a nine.

It is my responsibility to teach my children the importance of doing their obligations and responsibilities before asking for their rights.

They need to be aware when personal pleasure matters more to them than the needs of others. These self centered thing can lead them to damaging their selves and their future.

Needs hard work to teach a child but it’s nearly impossible to teach an adult.

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