You vs Life

Your life is how you manage everything. Life can be a bitch and only you can get to live the life you want. To handle the bitch or to hang around with the bitch. Your choice. 

You want to be successful. Then life shouldn’t be just sitting around, idling, chatting, watching TV all day, playing games, sleeping when everybody else are busting their assess, or other nonsense that can’t get you any near successful. 

You want to be a good parent. Then life shouldn’t be giving bad examples, being ignorant to what’s been going on with the kids, bad mouthing, mentally and physically abuse. 

You want to be respected. Then life shouldn’t be disrespectfully others, do whatever you please without considering others, underestimating, underappreciate, and belittling others. 

You want to be financially secure. Then life shouldn’t be splurging, buy unimportant things, buy expensive things, not saving, using water and electricity irresponsibly, don’t calculate, too proud to thrift.

You want to live peacefully in a beautiful, clean, organize house. Then life shouldn’t be cluttering, don’t put anything back to where it belongs, recklessly trashing, throwing everything to wherever you like and hoping magically the house appears nice, clean, and organize even though you’re being irresponsibly sloppy. 

You want to be loved. Then life shouldn’t be hurtful words, disrespectful, ignorance, bossy, underestimate, underappreciate, narcissistic, loveless. 

What you want to be must get along with how you live your life. It has to be in the same path. It has to walk together. Hand in hand.

How you live your life always gets back to you. Do good and you’ll live good. Do bad and you’ll live badly. This is how the universe works. 

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Dessy Lestari

I started this blog in 2016 hoping to share my passion to inspire and motivate others.

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